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Why we avoid processed sugar in Wild Date products

Sugar as we know it – white, crystal shaped - is refined sugar or processed sugar that has been extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets. This chemically produced sugar is typically added to pre-made foods like biscuits, snacks, drinks, crackers, and many other packaged foods. However, processed sugar has little nutritional value and is high in calories. All in all, it is best avoided. Amongst the many negative health effects of processed sugar, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are the most common and harmful. Yet, it’s found in a variety of foods, making it particularly challenging to avoid. 

We at Wild Date, ensure that none of the products have any processed sugar. We use only natural sweetening ingredients, such as dates, in the snack bars, granola and hunger busters, so that the taste is uncompromised and each product is healthy.

Refined sugars are heavily processed

No doubt that refined sugars are typically added to foods and beverages to improve taste, but they are considered empty calories because they contain virtually no vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, fiber, or other beneficial compounds. Moreover, refined sugars are commonly added to packaged foods and drinks, such as ice cream, pastries, and soda, all of which tend to be heavily processed. In addition to being low in nutrients, these processed foods can be rich in salt and added fats, both of which can harm your health when consumed in high amounts.

What are natural sugars

Naturally occurring sugars in food are known as natural sugars. Think of dates, honey and any other food that has inherent sweetness. Add fruits like apples, oranges, carrots, and vegetables to the mix, and there is no dearth to naturally occurring sugars that can be used as an alternative to processed sugars. When there is no processing of sugar needed, the sugar content is generally healthy when taken in moderation. 

Top reasons to avoid processed sugar

Some of the top reasons to avoid processed sugar are below. 

  1. High-sugar diets with processed sugar can lead to high blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  2. Processed sugar can also lead to clogged arteries, and heart failure. 
  3. Some foods enriched with processed sugar disrupt a hormone (leptin) that tells you when to stop eating. Thus, snacking can be uncontrolled and lead to obesity and many related ailments. 
  4. Type-2 diabetes is also connected to a high processed sugar diet. 
  5. Depression, dementia, liver disease, and cancer are other conditions that can be aggravated by a high intake of refined sugar.

There are virtually no beneficial nutrients in refined sugar. It is best to avoid these and choose natural sugars to add taste to the food. This can be easily done as there are multiple natural sugars available in the form of dates, honey and fruits that can add taste to your foods. Apart from honey and dates, we at Wild Date also use cane sugar for some products, which is equally good in small measure.

Refined sugar, while obtained by extracting natural sugar from foods like sugar cane, sugar beets, or corn, is generally added to nutrient-poor, processed foods, which can harm your health when eaten in large quantities. In contrast, natural sugars are typically found in whole foods. These are naturally rich in protein or fiber, two nutrients that help your body process these sugars in a healthier way. They’re also typically rich in vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds.

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