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Why is stone ground butter healthy for you?

Look at a Wild Date product packaging, and you will see that all our products have stone ground natural nut butters as well as slow-pan cooked nuts. Both these methods were traditionally used in kitchens. We took a leaf from the experts of yore and decided to follow in the path of those who knew it best. But not before investigating, why stone ground is a better mechanism than the faster and more efficient, machine ground method. 

What is stone grinding?

Stone grinding is a method of production using incredibly smooth granite or any other stone wheels for grinding food. The minimal friction enables the nuts’ temperature to be maintained at low levels throughout the grinding process. This preserves the flavours and nutrients while also providing a creamy taste with a smooth and silky texture. That’s why you will find the Wild Date snack bars and hunger busters extremely flavourful and also smooth. Commercial peanut butters undergo a lot of processing using blades that initially chop up the peanuts and generate a certain amount of heat during the process. This excessive heat hastens the process but changes the taste of the nuts. It also degrades the quality of essential healthy oils and key vitamins, thus decreasing nutritional quality of the product. 

What are the benefits of stone ground nut butters

First and foremost, stone ground nut butters provide a great flavour and taste to the products. Apart from that, they have multiple benefits like the below: 

  1. They are naturally packed with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and essential fats. High proteins and fibers are not the only things that are good for health. Nuts contain plenty of nutrients in themselves, like folic acid, vitamins E, B6, and B7, zinc, potassium, magnesium, niacin, copper, etc.

  1. Stone-ground nut butters are pure without modification of heat intensity. Stone grinding is done in moderate heat which keeps the nutrient integrity of the butter intact.

  1. Nut butters are made with genuinely raw, seeds and nuts, and they taste much better. The minimal amount of processing used results in the complexity and purity of the flavour.

  2. Stone-ground nut butters provide a smooth texture with creaminess that defines the product. The creamy spread with perfectly broken-down levels of consistency is versatile to work with and lends excellently to an array of recipes.

  3. Even though nuts contain a high amount of fats, it doesn’t mean you need to avoid them. The high fiber and high protein make you feel energized and complete, which helps you consume fewer calories and lose weight.

  4. Nut butters aid different dietary needs such as vegan and keto diets, since they are plant based.
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