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What’s The Best Snacking Alternative To Junk Food?

Junk food cravings are the number one reason to derail you off a healthy diet. They are the first thing that one reaches out to during a hunger pang. But all is not bleak on the journey of switching to alternatives. Here are some of the quick adaptations to your diet in order to avoid junk food. 

  • Switch to high fiber options
  • Just eating foods with a higher percentage of fibres will result in fewer calories. That makes it easier to stay within your daily caloric target of 2000 (average for an adult woman) or 2500 (average for an adult man). Fiber -rich foods like snack bars made from 100% clean ingredients, seeds, millets and others can come to the rescue. Try Wild Date’s snack bars for a delicious replacement for junk food. They are easy to carry and have seven different variants, including three options for vegans as well. 

  • Dry fruits to the rescue
  • Dry fruits are filling and healthy at the same time, making a great case for reaching out to them instead of junk food. You can take a handful of walnuts, almonds, cashew or others to overcome a snack craving. Better still, reach out for a Wild Date snack bar that is packed with dry fruits already. Along with nut butters, natural sugars, millets and seeds, these snack bars are packed with dry fruits and great for snacking. They are easy to carry and can be eaten on the go.

  • Homemade smoothies
  • Making a smoothie is extremely easy and can be topped with a crushed Wild Date snack bar to make it even more delicious. A balanced smoothie should have components such as healthy fats, health boosters, lean proteins, fibre-rich carbohydrates, and a liquid base. You can make milk or yoghurt smoothies along with fruits, seeds, dates as a sweetener and add granola or a crushed snack bar on top to make it more filling and tasty. 

  • Fresh juice instead of carbonated beverages
  • Instead of drinking artificially sweetened beverages that are carbonated, freshly made fruit or vegetable juice is an excellent alternative to various branded packaged juices. The fresh juices also maintain supple skin and good health. These are easy to access and take minutes to make on your own. 

  • Granola
  • While granola is mostly associated with breakfast, it is a great way to beat hunger at any time in the day.  You can mix Wild Date granola with yoghurt or eat it dry as a snack. There are three variants available to enjoy as a snack as well as breakfast.

    Other options to avoid junk food can be seeds, roasted nuts, fruits and oatmeal. None of these options are fried or too rich in fats and carbs. Eating at regular intervals, ample sleep and water will also help in avoiding flash cravings so you don’t have to reach out to junk food. 

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