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Raw versus roasted nuts – which are healthier?

The debate of raw versus roasted nuts is a matter of perpetuity where health benefits are concerned. We all know that dry fruits and nuts make for extremely healthy snacks, that can be had on the go. They are easy to carry and consume, and have immense health benefits. Most nuts are packed with healthy fats, fiber and protein, and are a great source of many important nutrients and antioxidants for the body. However, there is always a discussion on whether nuts should be roasted or not. 

Many would argue that roasting nuts improves the aroma and crunchiness of nuts, making them delicious additions to food. The truth is that roasting, when done in moderation is actually good and does not make the nuts lose their nutrients. Roasted and non-roasted nuts also have the same amount of nutrients. 


What is slow pan roasting?

Slow pan-roasting is a gentle, slower cooking process than sautéing that involves first pan-searing food on the stovetop, and then transferring it to an oven to finish cooking. At Wild Date, we follow the process of slow pan roasting, so that we can add to the crunchiness and aroma without losing any valuable nutrients of any of the nuts that are used in the snack bars, granola and hunger busters.

Why is slow pan roasting good for nuts?

Nuts have a lot of volatile oils and fats in them, which is what defines the benefits. Toasting them at high heat in the pan (or in the oven) breaks down the nutrients and impairs that goodness. Slow pan roasting also allows for even heating rather than one portion becoming overly hot, creating harmful chemicals.  The other reason for roasting nuts slowly is that they are better digested by people who have a weaker gut. 

Why are raw nuts not favourable to eat

When harvesting nuts, chances are that they may fall on the ground and are not cleaned entirely before packaging. Potentially harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli, can be present in raw nuts. These are extremely harmful to the body. In addition to falling on the ground, the water used for irrigation can be contaminated. 

While both raw and roasted nuts have their own benefits, choosing the middle ground of slow-pan roasted nuts makes sense so that you can get the nutrients and not compromise on health or taste. Slow pan roasted nuts also add to the taste and flavour by being crunchy and full of aroma.

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